Tokico struts and shocks


Tokico struts and Tokico shocks


Tokico struts and shocks ... when you're ready for performance shocks or struts!


Tokico struts and Tokico shocks are designed to control chassis motion and keep your tires on the road, giving a decent ride as well.  Their special piston and valve design provides the exact damping curves necessary for controlling both the body motion and the wheel assembly motion on your car, truck or SUV.

Their premium performance shock absorbers and struts improve cornering, braking, steering response and stability.  These are products that can't be beat for overall performance.

When you are ready to give your favorite car, truck or SUV a set of Tokico shocks or Tokico struts, our preferred e-commerce partners, are ready to fill your order at real bargain prices that you won't be able to pass up.  To visit our partners and purchase your struts or shock absorbers, all you have to do is click on the link below:



Tokico struts and shocks can also be purchased as part of a complete handling kit, such as Tokico sport lowering spring suspension packages.

What's more, they also offer an over-load leaf spring that replaces the factory unit.   These springs are made from a special composite material that is designed for use on light trucks and sport utility vehicles that are usually empty or carry light to medium loads.


When you visit our partners, you can enter your order for Tokico shocks and struts in a secure on line environment.  And if you have questions about the products you want to order, CarPart's on line help desk will be just a click away.


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Tokico shocks and struts can be ordered on line now ... this means you can buy the very best products at the very best prices! 



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