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That's right, folks! At Cities Commerce you can go:


ART                         shopping online for artwork, artist supplies, arts and crafts

AUTOS                     automobile shopping for new and used automobiles, parts and supplies

BOOKS                     internet shopping for books and magazines

CD'S                         music shopping on the web for compact discs, music products

COMPUTERS              computer shopping for computers, printers, disk drives, monitors

ELECTRONICS           discount shopping for digital cameras, CD players, electronic games

FOOD                       online shopping for fine food and drink, fruits, wine

FLOWERS                 gift shopping for flowers, potted plants

GREETING CARDS     e-shopping for fine gifts bargain shopping for electronic greeting cards

HEALTH ITEMS        shopping on line for health items, vitamins, herbs

LOANS                     home shopping for loans, personal credit reports

OFFICE SUPPLIES     get your office supplies

PETS                        come here for your pet supplies

SOFTWARE              software shopping operating systems, application software

SPORTS                   sport shopping for baseball, basketball, football, soccer, fishing, outdoors

TRAVEL                   on-line shopping for airlines, trains, buses, travel agencies

TOYS                       toys, toys and more toys

VIDEOS                    web shopping for videos, DVD's


....and much much more!   You can shop 'till you drop at Cities Commerce.


home shopping at Cities Commerce

The Internet brings you a new world of home shopping.  There's no longer a need for bulky catalogs.  Just bookmark this Cities Commerce Home Shopping Page and follow links from here to the stores and products you want.



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