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Looking for B&M shifters or transmissions?  Does your transmission still shift like a Cadillac on the track?  Nothing like a smooth shift, huh?  Nothing like breathing exhaust fumes all day either!  So check out the B&M shifters and  transmissions at our preferred e-commerce partners, as well as B&M shift kits ... get ready to blow all the doors off your competition at once.

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B&M began in 1953 as an automotive repair shop in Van Nuys, California.  Bob Spar and Mort Schuman experimented with modifying the GM HydraMatic transmission for racing.  Later, they produced the only patented 4-speed racing transmission in the industry's history.  Today, you can still buy B&M  shifters, transmissions and shift kits when the competition gets tough and you need both quality and performance.

When you go to one of our partners, you can place your order for B&M shifters or transmissions in a secure online environment.  And if you have any questions on B&M shifters, transmissions or shift kits, their online help is ready to assist you.


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B&M shifters, transmissions and shift kits are available online now! 



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