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Cities Commerce Corporation has established affiliate agreements with reputable online commercial service companies.  Through them, you can apply for home mortgages, home equity loans, debt consolidation loans, mortgage refinancing loans and credit cards.  Check out the great personal finance programs on this page.... has stood the test of time for mortgage applicants on the Web and is top rated for user satisfaction.  Cities Commerce highly recommends them.   Click here to submit their short, simple application online and receive free competitive quotations from top lenders:


LoanWeb Quick Quote offers a similar competitive quotation service, it's your choice, but please do not apply through more than one of these services:


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When applying for a loan, especially larger loans like auto loans and mortgages, it can pay you handsomely to know what your credit reports say ... to see if there are any errors and to know what your credit-worthiness bargaining power is. is our premier affiliate for your personal credit report:


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If your credit is less than perfect, don't despair!  Ameriquest Mortgage Company welcomes you!  Ameriquest's sole focus on helping homeowners has made them one of America's leading lenders, and they originate loans in all areas except Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia and the District of Columbia.  Ameriquest Mortgage Company maintains over 200 offices throughout the country. 

Banks won't loan you money if your credit is less than perfect. Finance companies may, but at sky-high interest rates. Ameriquest creates home loans for good people in the middle and will help you qualify even if you've been turned down by other lenders. You'll find that their loans are easier to qualify for, and their interest rates are competitive.  Click here to fill out Ameriquest Mortgage Company's easy on-line prequalification form:


Home Loans with less than perfect credit




Become an educated mortgage borrower.  Read our Home Mortgage Tutorial!  Here's a list of the individual sections:

                1.   Introduction

                2.  Types of mortgages

                3.   Qualifying for a mortgage

                4.   Loan points

                5.   Principal, Interest, taxes and insurance

                6.   Private Mortgage Insurance

                7.   Settlement costs

                8.   Pre payment penalties

                9.   Legal fees

                10.   Real estate appraisals and Loan to Value

                11.   Second mortgages

                12.   Home equity credit lines

                13.   Debt consolidation

                14.   Shopping for mortgages

                15.   Rate analysis (bond rates, etc)

                16.   Jumbo mortgages

                17.   Investor mortgages

                18.   Locking of mortgage rates

                19.   Mortgage loan applications

                20.   Mortgage application fees

                21.   Refinancing

                22.   Credit risk

                23.   The mortgage is a commercial instrument

                24.   Income tax considerations

                25.   Mortgage Loan types

                26.   The mortgage process

                27.   Ernest money deposit

                28.   Credit Life Insurance

                29.   Annual percentage rate (APR)

                30.   FNMA (Fannie Mae) , GNMA (Ginnie Mae) and FHLMC (Freddie Mac)

                31.   Owner Occupied Property

                32.    Smaller loans




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