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Need a replacement PCV valve?  Got a rough idle, stalling or performance problems?  Most cars from the late 60's and newer have a   PCV valve (positive crankcase ventilation valve).  This valve allows fuel/air mixture and combustion gases that leak past the piston rings into the engine crankcase to be drawn back into the fuel induction system to be burned, rather than be dumped into the atmosphere as smog.  However, if the engine vacuum is low due to idle or a call for power, the PCV valve closes momentarily.  If the valve sticks, either engine performance or emission controls suffer.

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On most cars, you can check the PCV valve by removing it and shaking it.  If it's not gummed up, you can hear the plunger inside rattle.  If you're not sure about the valve's condition, or it's just old, replace it as preventive maintenance.  It's far cheaper to do it now yourself than to chance having to pay top dollar for parts and labor at the emissions station.


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