cheap online airline tickets

cheap online airline tickets


Get a cheap online airline ticket ... why spend too much?


To get your cheap online airline ticket, Cities Commerce encourages you to try, or, where you can purchase your ticket with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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Are you interested in a cheap online airline ticket from a major airline, like American, America West, Continental, Northwest, United or US Airways?  Most air travelers are.  You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you say "No" to the stratospheric prices the airlines normally charge.

One way to say "No" is to visit our premier affiliate, Hotwire.  Hotwire will give you their best offer up front.  There's no need to go through the hassles of bidding and waiting to see if your offer is accepted or rejected.   You'll receive a guaranteed offer online and have 30 minutes to decide if you wish to accept the cheap online airline ticket price being offered. 





Hotwire brings you cheap online airline tickets without sacrifice.  And the money you save can go towards a better hotel, better meals or can just fatten your wallet or purse. 

Hotwire puts you in the pilot's seat when it comes to navigating your way to cheap online airline tickets.

At Hotwire, you simply enter your travel itinerary.   Then wait just a brief moment while major airlines, like American, America West, Continental, Northwest, United or US Airways are electronically queried for a cheap online airline ticket.  In a very short time, the lowest price ticket will be offered to you.  It's that simple.  If you like it, you buy it!


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