Michelin tires


Michelin tires


Now you can purchase Michelin tires (like the Pilot XGT) on the Web.


Make your car, truck, SUV or van ride like a dream with a set of new Michelin tires.    You'll find a wide selection of tires on the web, including the Pilot XGT H4.  These Michelin tires feature Variable Compliance Grooves designed to stay open and channel water away from the tire to improve wet traction.  These groves are also designed to close during heavy cornering on dry roads to provide improved shoulder tread stability.

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Michelin tires offer all-season treads designed to provide outstanding wet and snow traction.  They include a special compound that ensures reliable traction in all weather conditions while delivering long tread wear.  Have a set of Michelin Pilot XGT, or other fine Michelin tires, delivered directly to a local recommended installer.


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