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The Internet now brings you low priced airfare offers that can't be beat!  It's simply a matter of deciding how much you want to pay for your trip, then making an offer to the airlines.  Then an airline can accept your offer to fill an empty seat, or leave it and fly empty.  What do you think their decision will be?  Make an offer and find out!

Low priced airfares, based on what you are willing to pay, are actually a win-win situation.  You win because you don't have to pay a fortune for your airfare.  The airlines win because they can fill empty seats with paying customers.

To get your low priced airfares, Cities Commerce recommends their preferred affiliate, priceline.com, who pioneered the whole concept of making online bids for the airlines' empty seats.

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That's right ... just make your offer online, then attend to other matters while priceline.com processes your offer and submits it to the airlines.   You'll know in a very short time if your offer was accepted, so you can proceed to plan your trip with a confirmed reservation ... and, best of all, a low priced airfare.




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