cheap international airline ticket


cheap international airline tickets


cheap international airline tickets can now be purchased on the Internet!


Are you hoping to find a cheap international airline ticket ?   A lot of international travelers are fed up with paying sky-high fares and have come to the Internet looking for alternatives.  Now we understand that the airlines need to make money to pay for equipment, personnel, maintenance, fuel and taxes, as well as profits, executive bonuses and dividends to stockholders.  So here is a great way to help them make money ... offer them some money to fill their empty seats.  Offer them some money for a cheap international airline ticket, but don't offer too much.   After all, you can probably spend your money more wisely than the airline executives can.


By now you must be asking "how do I make an offer for a cheap international airline ticket ?"  "I have no clue who to contact at the airlines."   We're going to refer you to our preferred aassociate,  Priceline will take your offer and negotiate with the airlines for you.  It's that simple!

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It was that pioneered the concept of naming your own price for an airline ticket.  You no longer have to work for the airlines to get a cheap international airline ticket, or have a close relative that does.  Just hand your offer over to and let them negotiate for you to fill an empty seat.   You win and the airlines win.  What a deal!

Remember, the airline executives can still get a bonus even if they sell you a dirt cheap international airline ticket.  That's because a revenue seat is more profitable than an empty seat.



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