SearchHound Agent

News Flash:  Cities Commerce has became an agent for, the latest pay for performance search engine.  Many webmasters and advertisers have already learned the benefits of this type of search engine from to increase site traffic.   GoTo has taught us that pay search engines are viable for both the advertiser and the web surfer.

When you place a bid at SearchHound, you don't just get a single word or phrase.  Your bid will apply to all of the word and  consecutive word combinations you submit. 


For instance, suppose you bid on the search words:   

search hound engine


Your bid will actually cover the words and phrases:

search, hound,  search hound,  hound engine,  search hound engine


And that's more bang for your buck !


Adhering to the pay for performance search engine concept, you only pay when someone clicks on your entry in the search engine results page.

So don't delay  .... sign up to bid on keywords and increase your web site traffic:

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