Welcome to Cities Commerce Corporation's free music feed  setup for your web site.   If you haven't yet done so, press the music button to try out the feed:


Next, insert the HTML code fragment below into your site's html code at the location where you want the music button to be.  It's that simple, and  it's FREE.    Now visitors can come to your site to start a free music feed from selected international radio stations.  That's  a good reason for them to come back!  Here's the code:


<!--begin Cities Commerce music link-->
<a href="http://www.citiescommerce.com/free_mus.htm">
<img src="http://www.citiescommerce.com/images/music2.gif"
alt="music button" WIDTH="99" HEIGHT="36"></A>
<!--end Cities Commerce music link-->


Cities Commerce is provides this music feed site as a public service to the e-commerce community.  Please feel free to link to the site but you may not copy this site or the site's code.  You may copy and distribute the HTML code above that provides the link to this site.


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