2003 Ford Escape


2003 Ford Escape

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Have you, like many others, been waiting for the new 2003 Ford Escape ?  Would you like to get a free price quote and a brochure on this unique new SUV?  Cities Commerce is affiliated with autobytel.com who will arrange for you to receive a free price quotation and brochure on the revolutionary 2003 Ford Escape.

The 2003 Ford Escape is a special SUV design, smaller and built on a unibody design, one that doesn't suck gas and come with a fat monthly payment.  The Escape's unibody frame offers the advantages of light weight, good handling, easier entry and exit, and enhanced crash safety.   Just click on this image to get your free quotation and brochure:

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The World Wide Web is here to help put you in the driver's seat of the unique new 2003 Ford Escape sport utility vehicle.  You'll be impressed with this bold new vehicle ... a stiff well-handling chassis, a wide wheel base, front wheel drive, MacPherson strut front suspension and rack and pinion steering just to name a few.

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