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Need a replacement egr valve ?   State inspection flunked you for NOX emissions?  Got a rough idle, stalling or performance problems?  Many cars from the late 70's and newer have an egr valve.  Engine vacuum is applied to this valve which keeps it open and allows a portion of your exhaust gas to circulate back into the intake manifold where it dilutes the air/fuel mixture and makes it burn at a lower temperature.  That keeps those nasty oxides of nitrogen ( NOX ) from forming.  When you step on the gas and need full power, engine manifold vacuum drops which closes the egr valve so you get full power.  If the valve sticks or fails to open, you can get performance problems and/or you can fail emissions tests on NOX pollution.  Our preferred e-commerce partners carry egr valves for most makes of vehicles, including Ford, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Dodge, Plymouth, and foreign cars.

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On most cars, you can check the EGR valve by applying vacuum and feeling underneath the valve to see if the diaphram moves.

You can't trick your way through the new computerized emission control tests for oxides of nitrogen.  Save money by installing a new EGR valve yourself ... before your car flunks inspection and you have to pay top dollar for the valve and labor to make you legal again.


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