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Be sure to read our Home Mortgage Tutorial!  Here's a list of the individual sections:

                1.   Introduction

                   2.  Types of mortgages

                3.   Qualifying for a mortgage

                4.   Loan points

                5.   Principal, Interest, taxes and insurance

                6.   Private Mortgage Insurance

                7.   Settlement costs

                8.   Pre payment penalties

                9.   Legal fees

                10.   Real estate appraisals and Loan to Value

                11.   Second mortgages

                12.   Home equity credit lines

                13.   Debt consolidation

                14.   Shopping for mortgages

                15.   Rate analysis (bond rates, etc)

                16.   Jumbo mortgages

                17.   Investor mortgages

                18.   Locking of mortgage rates

                19.   Mortgage loan applications

                20.   Mortgage application fees

                21.   Refinancing

                22.   Credit risk

                23.   The mortgage is a commercial instrument

                24.   Income tax considerations

                25.   Mortgage Loan types

                26.   The mortgage process

                27.   Ernest money deposit

                28.   Credit Life Insurance

                29.   Annual percentage rate (APR)

                30.   FNMA (Fannie Mae) , GNMA (Ginnie Mae) and FHLMC (Freddie Mac)

                31.   Owner Occupied Property

                32.    Smaller loans


The above is a down-to-earth no-nonsense tutorial that we think will be useful to homeowners and homebuyers looking for primary and secondary mortgages and home equity loans.


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