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A prescription from the UK - death by chocolate


Ackermans - death by chocolate with the finest of British chocolates


Are you ready for a special death by chocolate?   Worldwide connoisseurs of the finest of the fine can now achieve their destiny of death by chocolate through the commission of

Ackermans began in London fifty years ago as a small family chocolate producer.  By using only the finest ingredients, with emphasis on quality, originality and taste, Ackermans rose to became the premier producer of handmade chocolates in the United Kingdom.  In return, they were awarded the Royal Warrant by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Mother in 1969.

Those who wish to experience a special death by chocolate, or to bestow such a gift upon someone special, are invited to order the very finest of Ackermans chocolates through the commission of  Click on the image below for details and to choose from Ackermans exquisite offerings of chocolates:


death by chocolate

Ackermans gold box assortment in 454g, 908g and 1362g boxes


A special death by chocolate as prescribed by the United Kingdom!


Note:  EnglishHall fine gift products can be ordered from almost anywhere in the world and shipped quickly to their destination.  Allow up to 5 days for shipments to the United States.


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We hope you liked visiting our site ... you'll enjoy an unforgettable death by chocolate!



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