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Need new wheel bearings ?   If you've got wheel vibration or a grinding or shrieking noise coming from a wheel, you may need new wheel bearings.  Wheel bearing failure can cause other components to fail, such as spindles, so if you have an older car it may be wise to replace the wheel bearings as a preventive measure.

Our preferred e-commerce partners, carry wheel bearings for most makes of vehicles, including Ford, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Dodge, Plymouth, and foreign cars.

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If you need help learning how to replace your wheel bearings, our partners offer Chilton Manuals for virtually all makes of automobiles

Bearings on the front wheels for rear wheel drive cars are the easiest to replace.  Bearings on rear axles and bearings on front wheel drive vehicles are considerably more difficult and probably require a hydraulic press, or access to an automotive machine shop that has one.


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