Starting a home based business?  Want to advertise your internet business in a unique way? It's here now... WebCARDS !  WebCARDS creates full color post cards of your web site.  Free samples of these web cards are available.   These cards are better than a business card for advertising and promoting your web site.

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These are a great way to annouce your business if you are just starting a small business.  They are great ways to promote your small business or home business.  These cards can enhance any new business opportunity.  Keep a stock of them with your office supplies.

Some ideas for WebCARDS...

    Use them like a business card.

   Attach them to your business plan.

    Send them to your local business directory.

    Pass them out at presentations.

    Use them for customer service follow-up replies.

    Send them to your customers to annnounce a new product.

    Use them to notify people about new features at your web site.

    Give them  out to customers making purchases.

    Send them to family, friends, business associates. 

    Hand them out to the neighbors.

    Post them on bulletin boards in stores and computer centers.

    Give them out at trade shows.

    Include them with literature requests.

    Send them to your  media list.


Has this ever happened to you?   You are at a party or social or business gathering.  You tell some people you have a new internet web business.  Eyes light up, the interest is intense.  But you have only ten seconds to capitalize on   the interest.  So you tell them they can see your site at '' .  Eyes glaze over.  The opportunity is lost.  

Now, imagine flashing out a WebCARD.  Wow!, they think, this is something different, something unique.  Cool stuff !  They're thinking, "I'll have to check in to this one when I get a chance".  They take the web card and put it in their shirt pocket or purse.   Later, they drop it off by their computer and go look at your web site when they're on line.

Some of your best internet business customers can be your personal contacts.   WebCARDS can help you realize that business opportunity!

Click here to learn more or get a free sample:





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